Today was the relaunch of lastatak.com with a new look, we believe that the new design is not only nicer to look at but will make it easier for you to surf the site and find what you are looking for quicker in a simple, stylish way. To help you navigate your way around the new site, here is a brief description of the new features.

Our New Look

Firstly all features, updates and media that you know and love is still here, our new design simply makes it better to look at. The lastatak.com search bar remains, and is tucked away nicely in the top right corner whenever you need it.

Our company logo is now more prominently displayed in an image bar at the top of the page. You may notice that the images will change, this depends on which page you are currently viewing and the images relate to the particular section you are in.

Our menu system has been revamped with stylish buttons and the latest news is now displayed in a large preview window, which is also the button to access the the most recent update on the site.

The Site Hotkeys

We want you to find the latest updates, important video files or pictures from our productions as fast as you want to see them. To help, in lastatak.com's 'Films' and 'Projects' section, as well as on the main page, is the 'Site Hotkeys'. One click on these buttons will take you directly to the the latest and best items lastatak.com has to offer.

Also included in the Hotkeys is the Quondam 'Production Rewind' feature, now it's as simple as clicking the Hotkey and you are taken to the latest image update. This feature will continue to be updated every Wednesday. It's just easier to find.

Message Board and lastatak.com|SHOP

Your visit to lastatak.com should be as easy to use and enjoyable as possible. We have now included a Message Boards window on every page, so you can jump straight into a thread from anywhere in the site.

We're also added a window to every page that randomly previews an item from our online store and includes a link to take you directly to the items page.

Lastly, the lastatak.com Selector will change every two weeks and preview a random image from somewhere on the site, to view more of the images, you simply have to click on the window and you'll be taken directly to the images parent gallery.


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