Cast in the leading role of James Hadley in Autumn Heart, lastatak.com sits down with Darren McAree to find out what the actors has been doing since LiMBO and his thoughts on his new role.

Welcome Darren, this is now your third film with Director Andrew Davidson. What do you think is the chemistry between you two artistically?

I don't think there is any yet. We have discussed side projects (comedy sketches etc...) but it's too early to see any real chemistry. When we start work on the new production I'm sure I'll have more time to 'connect' with Andy as I have a bigger part.

How did you meet?

During a drinking session at Brannigans. It was a friend's party.

As a writer and director yourself, what was working on LiMBO like?

It was nice to be ordered around for once. I'm used to writing/acting/directing etc... so it was refreshing to be 'just' an actor.

Did the finished product meet your expectations?

I didn't have any expectations, so yes.

From making that film, did you yearn for a greater challenge?


Later the same year, you went on to be a background character in The Silent Voice. How did that come about?

I had some comedy ideas that I wanted Andy to see, he was working on a film at the time, so i accepted his offer to sit around and do nothing in particular. I think it's called 'being an extra'.

How did that film develop your working relationship and friendship with Andrew?

We started drinking heavily after every filming session. This gave us a LOT of time to discuss new projects, the rest is history.

Now you've gone on to star in the latest picture. Can you tell us anything about your character?

Well, let's just say that James needs more preparation than Warner Roberts did. He's a very deep character, and i'm looking forward to the challenge. Ultimately he has a major issue that needs to be resolved...and does it?...you'll have to watch the film.

Do you feel any pressure on you having a starring role?


Is there any truth that the character was written especially for you?

I have JUST found out that it was! I'm speechless.

What are you looking to in the future?

Andy goes to London - Andy gets big projects - Darren gets recruited - Darren wins Oscar™ - Darren forgets Andy - Andy sues Darren - Darren apologizes - Andy recruits Darren again - Darren wins second Oscar™ - Darren goes to rehab - Andy recruits someone else...


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